How Voyager Flight Simulation began

Five years ago Howard and Paul were learning to be instructors on the Boeing 737-800 fixed base simulator. Two years ago, after many discussions and cups of coffee, we decided we wanted our own simulator and had a very definite vision as to how it would look and feel.  Although Howard maintains a definitive decision was never made and it was more like a process that just evolved!

What was certain though was everything had to be top notch: the simulator, the location, the premises, and everything inside it right down to the coffee cups and coasters.

So 18 months ago the simulator was ordered from a leading sim manufacturer in Poland who makes simulators for airlines, and supply all around the world. And at a similar time, Howard on the property search, found the ideal premises at the ideal location – London Luton International Airport.  So before our customers even get to our door their experience will begin on the link road from the M1 with jets landing and taking off directly above them, and then a close up view as they pass the multi million pound executive jets parked just up the road from us at Signature Aviation.

As the months went by we readied and decorated the premises and sourced aviation artwork and prints to give the space an upmarket airport club lounge vibe.

In July of 2023 after thorough testing in Poland our sim was packed up into crates for the week long journey by road over to us. Two technicians flew over and stayed for a week to put it all together, test it then hand it over to us.

A very happy day indeed!

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