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With a passenger cabin, and full-scale jet airliner, and helicopter cockpits, Voyager Flight Simulation is the ideal location for your next project.  We are just off the M1, close to public transport, have onsite parking, can provide meals and refreshments, and have areas that can be used for changing and make-up. Please contact us for more details.

We Are Trusted Pilots!

Our customer experience is our main priority, and we’re proud of our first class reputation. Don’t believe us? Just see what our customers have to say…

Shai Gat

What an amazing experience. Still buzzing and not scared of flying anymore!!

Adam R

Never thought I’d see the day where I’d get the chance to fly a real life 737. Well… This is the closest I’ll ever get to it! Thanks to Paul and his team for putting together such an enjoyable and realistic experience. The attention to detail from the moment you arrive is unrivalled. I look forward to coming back to fly the helicopter!

Aaron R.

I have no experience so was unsure what to expect.  Being right on Luton Airport the excitement begins when you drive up the airport link road and the aircraft are taking off above your head. You then pass many executive jets parked nearby. The Boeing 737 simulator is identical to the real thing and the experience itself was utterly immersive.  Paul had to remind me that our seats were bolted to the floor! And to top it all off, there is Paul’s passion and energy. The best educators exude excitement for their field and Paul’s enthusiasm for flight is contagious.  An amazing experience all around!

Danielle R

I have never flown a flight simulator before but my first ever experience at Voyager Flight Simulation certainly exceeded my expectations! Paul is a very friendly and knowledgeable instructor. He showed me all the controls and instruments I needed to use and gave me the confidence to have a go. With his guidance from start to finish I was able to take off, try different manoeuvres inflight and land back on the runway.  The quality of the simulator and wraparound screen are amazing, and made the experience so realistic. I can happily recommend it to anybody whether they are experienced or not!

Will G

I can’t recommend this flight simulator experience enough! I’ve always had a keen interest in aeroplanes and the technologies required to operate and fly them so was eager to try a full scale flight simulator. Once inside the cockpit, you are immediately transported into a real-life simulation that really looks and sounds so genuine that, every once in a while, I found myself having to remind myself that it was indeed a simulation.

Howard is obviously a very experienced instructor as he gave detailed and clear explanations and directions without being overwhelming. The sounds and images from the wraparound screen you experience are so convincing you really feel like you are moving. I could imagine this being a great day out for all ages and would thoroughly recommend it for business and families alike.  I would certainly go again!

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