What happens in my session?
Every experience is tailored to you. After a warm welcome by your instructor, you can relax with some refreshments and discuss destinations, routes and any particular interests you have. If you are not sure, we are aways happy to make suggestions. We then move into the briefing room for a 15 min overview of the 737, its flight controls and instruments. You’re now ready to walk through the cabin and into the flightdeck. Once comfortable in the Captain’s seat you have a full 60/90/120 mins at the controls depending on your booking. Your instructor will be your guide, but you do the flying!  After your session you are welcome to chat with us about your experience with some more refreshments before heading home.

Time Based Sessions:
You can chose your airport, route, weather and time of day – we have over 24,000 airports to chose from.

Scenario Based Sessions:
If you are not sure what you want to do, we have put together some exciting challenges for you to try.

When can I have my session?
You can book your session from early morning to late in the evening, 7 days a week, subject to availability.  When you buy a session online we will contact you to discuss how we can make your session most tailored to you and when you would like to book it in. If it is for a gift simply get the recipient to contact us when convenient.

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